About me

I am Ché Wilbraham: game designer, ludic illustrator, etc.

Contact me here: mightychebo [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk

Games are my art. I continue to develop and design because I have a need to create pieces and perfect my skills.

Games are the single most effective art form for illustrating concepts and feelings to the reader. When a player interacts directly with a system of your design, you can control their perception and experience of any element of that system. You don’t tell them how to feel about something – you make them feel it. They don’t learn how the system works by reading about it – they learn by interacting with it. Games are powerful and their applications are near-limitless. I truly believe that games can make the world a better place and that’s why I make them.

If you are interested in qualifications, I have an MA with Merit in Digital Games: Theory and Design from Brunel University.​ I also graduated from the Cardiff School of Art and Design with a 2:1 in BA (Hons.) Illustration.

If you are interested in more qualifications, I have a Certificate of Higher Education in Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics, I joined Mensa at the age of thirteen with an IQ of 177 and I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

My work has gotten around a bit:
- Exhibited at Cardiff School of Art & Design Degree Show 2011
- Presented at playARK 2011
- "What if Mario is a Jerk?" at dorkbot Cardiff #12
- PC Gamer Free Game of the Week, 30th May 2015
- Ambushed Gamer Free Fly Friday, 26th June 2015
- Indie Haven article, Us Explains Chronic Fatigue in a Way Spoons Never Could
- "How to Make Your Own RPGs" at Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con 2015, Main Stage