Benefits System The Game complete!

And here it is. All done and playable. There's no box because the idea is that it would be given away flat-packed with a newspaper, everything folds down to A4 or smaller, but could comfortably be scaled to a similar size. Given that I produced this at home, the quality is lower than a potential finshed product. I would think that it would be printed on higher quality, glossy card. Probably double-sided too, and maybe the Wages, Benefits and Events cards wouldn't all be hand-written. All 56 of them.
It plays just about as I planned. The games should average out to be fairly short, and it's nigh-on impossible for a Worker to win, which was kind of the point. Hopefully people would engage with the humour and take away an irritation with our benefits system.
Information Illustration? Let's hope so. I'll see what people say when they play it.

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