The Factory - interactive narrative

My interactive narrative - The Factory - is so close to being finished, I can practically taste it. I'm in the final stages of assembly, all the pieces are complete. It is a hybrid card game/gamebook.
My aim was to create a non-linear, interactive story which includes a method of representing player characters with differing traits. I'm confident I have successfully achieved this. I created a system that allows the player to choose their character's goal, this allows for different results for players with different goals. There are six different endings and many opportunities for the player to make choices affecting the outcome of the game.
I'll admit that it is a fairly short game, but there should be enough content for a player to have a go a couple of times before having seen most of it. I'd like to continue working on this project, with the aim of expanding it in the future. I consider it a sort of demonstration version.
Oh yes, the above image is the drawing I have used on the book cover, but this is the version straight out of my sketchbook. I will post some images from the finished game next.
The Factory will be displayed at our SCATTER show (http://scattershow2010.wordpress.com/). Come check it out.

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