Guardian g2 cover redesigns - after critique

These are the g2 cover redesigns from my previous post. After a bit of a critique I took on some suggestions and had a go at touching them up.
It was said that the cover involving the hamburger didn't evoke enough empathy. I would have liked to have taken an actual photo, but I didn't have the time. I made the above edit, which got a few laughs. The consensus was that this version is better. More "me", apparently.
The background of the original version of the Pulitzer cover didn't go down well, so I tried a more "hand-made" approach. To be honest, I think it confuses the cover. I prefered the original. Also, I pointed out that few people probably know what a Pulitzer medal looks like, so it was suggested that I label it. I think that takes away from the image.
The Andrew Rawnsley one, I'm still not sure of. The original didn't quite work, and neither does this version. I haven't been able to nail it down.

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