House of Horror plot structure

Here is another plot structure diagram. This time I mapped House of Horror, also from the Fighting Fantasy Project.
It occurred to me, after posting the Hellfire plot structure below, that the sketch image that I had made whilst playing was more interesting than the re-done image that I posted. So this time I went straight in with a pen and decided to post the results. It's a little messy, but I think it makes for a more intriguing illustration of my experience of the game's structure. Isn't it beautiful? I find the structure sort of mesmerising.
These images don't quite contain enough information. There are some aspects of the games that I haven't been able to record. For example - some parts of the story can be re-directed depending upon which items the player is carrying. I may work on a more complex method of representing these factors, but I like these diagrams the way they are.

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