Lots of one-game-a-weeks - a run-down

Here's a brief look at some of the little game designs I've been furiously working on over the last couple of months. I'll provide some (Windows only) links for if you want to try any of them, but be warned - they are small, incomplete prototypes and they may not have end conditions or built-in ways to quit (or even real instructions on how to play). You may have to resort to Alt-F4 or the Task Manager to close the programs.

Descriptions and links in the full article, below the jump.

Beat the Evil was an exercise in balancing and positive reinforcement. It's inspired by JRPGs, but there's no way to lose. The heroes keep fighting, but you can spend the money they earn to make them better so that they will win more quickly. It was fun to attempt the juggling of a lot of stats of allies and enemies, along with level-ups.

Predestination is a small branching-narrative about three people. This game shows you how it will end and then you get to find out (or decide on) how it happens. This one has a bit of swearing in. If you want to full experience, you need to play through it a few times (you'll know when you've seen the "real end"), but it's really short so that shouldn't be a problem.

Us is a ludic illustration of a couple living with the effects of illnesses. You control it with WASD, the arrow keys and the space bar. You need to balance their mood and energy so that they can continue to go to work and study. Design-wise, it was an exercise in using some economic principles during development (there's an interest system in place on resource gains). I'm currently expanding on this game and hoping to release it in full one day soon. I'll let you know.

MusiCity is a genre mash-up of city-building and rhythm games. The buildings (and vehicles and things) of your city become the beats and notes of its tune. You have to time your key-presses to collect money and experience to further develop your city-song. This one doesn't end - you'll have to close it down when you're done.

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