Take a stance - tactical discussion system information

The tactical discussion system in Project Talky RPG (sigh) allows the player to choose a stance for the main character, representing how they say what they say (what they say is represented in the conversation map, which I'll cover later). The above pictures show Neutral, Aggressive, Witty, Closed and Stressed stances.

Neutral stance confers no special bonuses or penalties and has no extra impact on Control (representing who is in control of the conversation).
Aggressive stance causes Stress to both parties and takes Control away from an opponent in a Witty stance.
Witty stance recovers Stress for both parties and takes Control from a Closed opponent.
Closed stance reduces Stress gain for its user and takes Control from an Aggressive opponent.
Stressed stance is not really a choice - a character is forced into this stance when their Stress is too high. It severely limits their options for contributing to a discussion, but wears off quickly.

Each stance will also favour certain tactical approaches and some skills will only be available in a particular stance. For example, Aggressive will give bonuses to forcing the conversation down a certain path where Witty will help with tricking an opponent into talking about something that they wouldn't normally.

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