Indie Haven article on Us and the portrayal of chronic fatigue

Oh wow, you lot. A lovely person called Joe Parlock over at Indie Haven wrote a lovely article about my game prototype, Us. The article covers how the feels that Us is an effective illustration of the effects of chronic fatigue (a symptom of Multiple Sclerosis, featured in the game, and also Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which the author has). I would love it if you would go and read it. It's very well-written and you might learn something about how some people deal with some of the difficult parts of their lives.

The article made me feel pretty emotional. I'm super-glad that Us has been appreciated in a way that it was designed to, that another chronic fatigue sufferer feels that it is a meaningful illustration of their symptom and that it helped somebody else to feel a bit better for a while. That's why I do this. This quote in particular makes me feel real good:

It’s these dilemmas which people with disabilities face every day, and seeing it put into game form was really, really nice. It was weirdly validating to see other people have similar decisions to make as me: do I play a game or spend time with others to cheer myself up, even if I know that means I won’t have the energy to clean up or do some work later on in the day? Seeing these questions posed so blatantly in the game let me know it’s not just me who feels it, which was great.

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