Talky ChéBo

Hello! I just recently started working in a call centre. Nothing to do with games. Got to pay this bills, you know?

Since graduating, things have been pretty hectic. I've been applying for games industry jobs and a few doctorate programmes. There've been a few interviews, a bit of getting through to the later rounds, a small amount of positive feedback, a chunk of "we're sorry, but you didn't get through this time" and a lot of not receiving any response. It got to the point where I had to take a decent-paying, non-games job just to stay afloat. I'm not giving up on the games industry, this just means that I can only focus on it during my time off work.

In terms of personal productivity, I've had a lot of stuff on the go. Largely, I've been working on the early phases of some new projects so there're a lot of scribbles in my notepads and bits of paper floating around the house. Some of it has made it into the early coding phases, so hopefully I'll have some new prototypes and things coming through in the nearish future.

I'm also putting together a plan for developing and improving my portfolio and presence as a solo developer/gamesperson. While I don't have as much time for it as I used to, I'm hoping to make the most of what I do have and set progress goals to improve my output.

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