What I want from a game

I want to play a game that plays me.

I want it to be a personal experience.

I don't just want to use an avatar that looks vaguely like me to beat up monsters, I want to confront the manager who hated me for no apparent reason.

I want the game to use the voice my Dad uses when he's disappointed with me.

I want to have to live with the consequences of the mistakes I made. And I want it to remind me of those mistakes. Over and over.

I want the game to simulate the conversations that I wish I'd had with my Grandfather.

I want it to wake me up at night, whispering in my ear. Except when I turn the light on, it's not there.

I want it to threaten to tell other players my secrets.

There are so many more emotions that could be harnessed. I wish they were.

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