How to Make Your Own RPGs - my Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con presentation

As I mentioned before, I was due to give a talk, titled How to Make Your Own RPGs, at Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con on the weekend. I did! To be honest, it didn't go amazingly well. I think there were only maybe six people actually listening to me. There were a couple of issues - one was that my talk was immediately after the big cosplay masquerade (one of the con highlights), so there was a huge crowd just outside the room shouting in celebration and so on, the other was that this convention only recently added "games" as something they're about and the crowd weren't particularly interested in playing RPGs, let alone learning how to make them. However, the people who were listening seemed very engaged and one attendee approached me afterwards to tell me that she really enjoyed my talk. That was lovely.

The lack of interest in games at the convention also impacted my planned running of the RPG that I designed especially for the event. I was scheduled to run six sessions, but there was only enough interest for one. It's a shame because I'm pretty proud of the design of Ultra JankenSquad Forever. Though I still think the name is pretty dumb.

You can download the powerpoint of my presentation from here, if you like.

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