MA = Done!

Whoa. I handed in my dissertation last week so my MA is effectively done. I just need to wait for the marks and stuff, but that just feels like a formality. So now it's time to start applying for game design jobs with more vigour. Maybe I applied to work with you and you're checking out my blog. If so, hello! Play my games!

On that, my dissertation is a game design. Specifically, Contractual Hero: A Talky RPG. Both the prototype/ludic sketch that I just linked to and the design document. Feel free to have a look at and play around with them, if you're interested. Contractual Hero is a fantasy RPG with a Tactical Discussion System at its core, offering versatile and rewarding social "combat".

I'm proud of how Contractual Hero came out. While the prototype seems fairly small, I put a lot of effort into it and I reckon it hit my design goals near-perfectly.

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