The Adventure Zone fan art - "You're Going To Be Amazing"

It's not often that I make fan art, but I felt like I had to pay homage to The Adventure Zone (Balance Arc) and this is how I chose to do it. It's probably the most emotionally affecting story that I've engaged with in recent memory and I enjoyed it very much.

Not long ago, I finished listening to the Balance Arc (first ~70 episodes) of TAZ and I'd like to recommend it to you all. It starts puerile yet charming, but ends beautiful, emotional and affirming. One of few stories that has made me laugh out loud and very nearly cry.

It is also a great lesson in how representation makes stories better. As it moves on, the white, cisgendered, male creators make genuine efforts to include a diverse (in many ways) cast and this correlates with vast improvements in the story.

It's many hours of content to get into, I understand that, but I believe that it was more than worth the investment. I should probably also mention that it's a podcast, even though I've linked to an animated trailer below.

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